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4 reasons you should try olympic weightlifting

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This is an exciting article. Because this article is the very first we are publishing on our brand new shiny website!

We got together and ran through some ideas on what the first article should be about and it felt right for the first article to be about something we love, but something few of you may have had the chance to experience – Olympic Weightlifting.

The first thought when you mention Olympic weightlifting to people that haven’t tried it before is always quite scarce. Many often make the mistake in thinking “To lift you must be experienced” – but this isn’t true! Everybody has to start somewhere, and with the amazing benefits Olympic weightlifting can bring, it’s time to start now!

But, if you’re still wondering if Olympic weightlifting is for you, continue reading. We are going to give you 4 reasons why you should try Olympic weightlifting.

Let’s get started…


You’ll get abs to die for!

One of the biggest benefits about weightlifting is how damn good it is at burning that tummy fat and building those abs of steel! There is a common myth that weightlifting will just make you huge. That’s not the case – especially not with Olympic weightlifting. The exercise of hoisting a large weight over your head builds crazy strength in your core – and it burns fat at the same time!


Not just abs…

It’s not just your core that gets shaped. Olympic weightlifting is super beneficial for your back and arms too – even your shoulders – something that people forget about!

Think about it; the deadlift, catching the barbell, squat, and pushing it over your head all in one movement. It requires your full body and all of your muscle groups.

Basically, performing Olympic weightlifting for 30 minutes means you’ve completed a full-body workout for 30 minutes. That’s a big deal! 


It’s much safer than you think

OK, we totally get it – when you see a barbell stacked with 80kg of weights, it may look quite daunting – I mean, how can you possibly lift that over your head?!

The truth is, if you use the right technique, which we will show you at our gym, it’s very safe. In fact, it’s actually one of the safest sports!

At MYGYM Bristol, we first ensure you have the right technique nailed down. This way, you  will learn the right form and minimise the risk of injuries. Our team have been doing this day-in-day-out for years. We won’t let you rush into anything if we don’t think you’re ready. But when you are ready – the thrill is something else!


Join a great group of people

And finally, one of our favourite benefits of joining the MYGYM’s “Bristol Barbell Club” for Olympic Weightlifting classes – the people you meet!

We run classes for beginners and those with experience every Monday and Wednesday evening. Experienced 5-6pm, Beginners 6:30-7:30pm

When you join our gym, you will meet new friends, who will not only help you to reach new goals, but they will also make it fun – something that’s important when it comes to motivating yourself.

But hey, enough talk – why not try us out?

You won’t regret it!