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3 Benefits of Starting Taekwondo

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If you’re looking to get into a physical sport and start a new hobby, then Taekwondo is definitely one to add to your list! The Asian fighting style has been popular for decades and relies primarily on leg striking rather than hands. But it’s not just the fighting benefits that Taekwondo can bring. There’s much more than that.

So, here are 3 benefits you can get from starting Taekwondo…


It’s great for socialising

Something we love about Taekwondo is that it’s perfect for socialising and making new friends. No matter what your age range or experience, at MYGYM Bristol, we cater for everybody and that includes our Taekwondo classes too.

When working in a group, it will help keep you motivated, meaning you’re less likely to skip workouts and stay on the right path.

You can try out Taekwondo classes for FREE.


Learn to defend yourself

The most obvious purpose, when it comes to Taekwondo, is learning the ability to defend yourself. Yes, it’s primarily a sport, however the skills you will learn can become helpful in everyday life including if you ever need to defend yourself.

Let’s face it – sometimes we can be faced with tough situations or not nice people. It’s not something we like to think about, but it’s true. Taekwondo helps give you a new resource if you ever need to use it.

We hope you never have to use it, but if you do – Taekwondo helps you have an advantage.



Taekwondo isn’t just about the physical aspect, it can help keep you mentally disciplined, too. We would be lying if we said Taekwondo was always easy to learn. Some moves require practice and patience to master.

Mastering the moves requires discipline – and only with discipline will you accomplish these goals.

You can then use this discipline in other areas of your life; whether it’s focusing on your career, or maybe helping your child stay disciplined at school.

This learning of goal setting and self-discipline will go a very long way in your daily life and will help you achieve your life goals with ease.


Book your FREE Class

So, if you or your child are looking to get started in Taekwondo, then come along to MYGYM Bristol for a free taster session. This way, you can get to know the team, the sport and make sure it’s the right path for you.

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How to make working out a habit

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Exercise should be an essential part of your daily routine – that’s something you most likely already know, but, making exercise a daily habit is something many people find a tough task.

Let’s be honest, does the thought of the gym make you shudder? Do you skip the gym at times with the lamest excuse? If the answer is YES, then this article is perfect for you. Why? Because we are going to give you 4 simple ways to finally make exercise a habit rather than a chore.

Ready? Let’s go!


Choose a time and stick to it!

If you’re more of a morning person than a late owl, then the obvious thing to do is get your workout in as early as possible.  

This step will set you on the right path. Once you’ve chosen your workout time. Stick with it. This will make you less lenient in skipping your workout.

Set a specific time and stick with it. We offer classes throughout the day, to fit all schedules. Check them out here!


Don’t overdo it in the beginning

When we start with fitness, we often want to go full throttle straight away. But, going too hard too soon can be damaging. If you push yourself too much at the start, then it makes burning out more likely – and when we burn out, we often quit.

The best way to overcome this is to cut your exercise into bite sized chunks. Use light weights – don’t overstay too long at the gym. Go at a comfortable pace.


Switch up your workout plan every fortnight

When we get caught in a routine, we leave ourselves open to boredom. Doing the same workout week in week out can make your gym sessions mundane. You want to keep things fresh, so, we recommend changing up your workout pattern every 2 weeks if possible.

This will keep the gym buzz and make your workouts exciting. It also helps to keep your muscles alert!  


Sort your gym gear the night before

Minimising any obstacles, which will fall in the way of you making it to the gym, is a must. When we are hit with obstacles, we often use them as an excuse or any easy way out.

Be honest, how many times have you skipped the gym because your workout gear wasn’t prepared?

Prepping the night before will keep your routine on track and allow you to simply get up and go when your workout time comes.


Need more help?

Want our team to help make the gym a habit in your weekly routine? Contact us – we are more than happy to help!

3 Ways Exercise Helps Your Mood

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The physical benefits of exercising are obvious and have been for many years. Rock hard abs are something we all dream of – but what about the mental aspect? Yes, it’s something we often overlook, but, exercise helps our mood just as much as it helps our physical body too!

From easing anxiety to keeping you sharp and alert, working out has many mental benefits. We aren’t talking about running marathons or lifting huge weights either – it can come from simple workouts and light cardio. So, to give you a better understanding, here are 3 ways exercise can help you mentally.


Minimises Stress

One of the first things we should cover is stress. It’s something we all suffer from at some point in our lives. It can be stress from work, or it could be something at home. Whatever the problem is, exercise can be used as a solution.

The science behind this? Well, Increasing your heart rate during exercise helps to reverse stress by stimulating the production of neurohormones like norepinephrine, which improve both your cognition and mood.


Increased self-esteem and self-confidence

When it comes to exercise, there are many physical achievements that we notice – from losing fat to getting more toned. With these achievements come confidence and boost your self-esteem.

When you start to receive compliments on your new figure and start noticing a change in the fitting of your clothes, it will give you motivation to carry on. Most of the time you don’t notice it until one morning and you catch a glimpse of your toned glutes in the mirror! The feeling of when this happens makes the sweat and tears all worthwhile.


Better sleep

If you have trouble with sleeping, then exercise could be the remedy you’ve been looking for! When we exercise, our body temperature rises and this helps to make us become calm.

More often than not, the lack of sleep can come from stress and overthinking. But, with added exercise, you will be out like a light come bedtime! And even better, when you wake up you will feel much more alert and energetic throughout the day.

At MYGYM Bristol, we have specialised classes and workouts to help you reach your goals. Feel free to try us out by clicking here.