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Top 5 Instagram Fitness Accounts for Men

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A couple of weeks ago, we published an article on the top female fitness Instagram accounts to follow in 2019. Now it’s time for the men!

As you already know, Instagram is now one of the go-to places for fitness. In just a few click and scrolls, you can find inspiration by the pound.

Following the right people on Instagram can help boost your motivation, change up your workouts for extra success and help to pass the last hour sat at your work desk. So, without further adieu, here are the Top 5 Instagram Fitness Accounts for Men


top-fitness-instagram-2019Steve Cook

One of the OG’s for Instagram fitness, Steve Cook is a veteran and has been posting awesome quality content to his Instagram profile before it was cool. Another beautiful thing is that Steve is one of the most real fit pros on the social media app. He doesn’t only share fitness tips and workouts, he also shares snippets of his personal life too.


top fitness instagram 2019Ulisses Jr.

Arguably one of the most shredded beasts on Instagram right now. Ulisses Jr. posts workouts by the bucketload and shows how he stays so ripped throughout the year. So, if you’re going through the shred phase, following Ulisses is a must.


fitness instagram 2019Corey Gregory

Many of you might not know how powerful Cory Gregory actually is in the fitness world. He is the co-founder of MusclePharm and Max Effort and actually brought the the “Squat Every Day” challenge to Instagram. Corey is of the older pedigrees, but take a look at his posts and you will truly see that age is just a number for sure!  


fitness instagram 2019Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Needing no introduction. The Rock has been one of our fitness heroes since the days of Wrestlemania. Now a Hollywood beast, Johnson mixes up his posts from work life to workouts and feeds. His workouts are pretty brutal and sometimes damn right crazy, but he’s huge in life and on Instagram for a reason.


Matthew Fraser

When you are considered one of the fittest men on earth, it’s only right that we add you to this list. The Winner of the 2016, 2017, and 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games, Mat Fraser is the real deal. His commitment to fitness is amazing, so, if you feel that motivation slipping, go follow Mat and let his posts inject you with the strength you need for the months ahead.


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4 Ways to Avoid Getting Fat While Bulking

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It’s a common question in muscle building – how do we stack on gains without becoming fat and then have to work our butts off to burn it off? It’s no breaking news – losing fat is hard work – yet, gaining fat is much easier. For instance, eating pizza every day and you’ll be sure to pack on fat fast.

So, how do you actually do it? How do you pile on pounds of muscle with minimal fat? Well, in this article, we will give you 4 tips on how to avoid getting fat while bulking.


#1. Don’t Ignore Cardio

It’s tedious and a pain at times and we’ve all been tempted to ditch the treadmill from time-to-time, but to keep the fat at bay, cardio is a must. First of all, cardio is extremely healthy for your cardiovascular health, so much so, that we should all do cardio in one way or another.

Furthermore, studies have shown that doing at least three twenty or thirty minutes of cardio post workout will help to balance bulking muscle without getting fat.

We must stress, however, not to overdo it with the intensity of your cardio as you may lose muscle rather than gain.


#2. Cheat Meals, Not DAYS

The day we all love – when we are allowed our cheat meal. But, let’s just say that again – cheat MEAL. Not cheat day.

Look, it’s ok to eat a cheeseburger or that large pizza every once in a while, but it’s all about moderation. We recommend keeping your cheat meals to a maximum 2-3 times per week. This will help to keep you from over indulging as well as keeping the fat at bay.

If you let yourself have cheat days, rather than cheat meals, you will not only experience fat gain, you may find it harder to keep on track.


#3. Make Your Cheat Meals Smart

Following on from our last tip, if you time your cheat meals correctly, then they can actually work in your favour. Cheat meals often involve a carb load and a protein load at the same time. With this, you will fuel your muscles for growth.

We recommend timing your cheat meals as close to post workout as possible. Team them with protein shakes throughout the day and you’ll be packing on muscle like you wouldn’t believe!


#4. Add Low Carb Days

One of our golden tips for building muscle and burning fat is incorporating low-carb days into your week.

Having a low-carb day at least once per week will help your body reset and keep body fat under control. Yes, carbs play a vital role in post-workout recovery and muscle growth, but, eating carbs at the wrong times will cause them to store as fat – something we don’t want. . Carb cycling is a way to get the best from both worlds – weight loss and staying lean on one hand, and supporting muscle growth on the other.


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The MYGYM Playlist: 6 Best Songs For Deadlifts

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They say music is one of the best remedies for certain moods. Well, it can also turn you into a savage beast with the right selection. But what are the best songs for deadlifts? Everybody has their own taste – granted – but, here are 10 songs for deadlifts that we believe will want you to lift heavier, go faster, and crank your training to the next level.

Get your Spotify ready…

Eminem – Lose yourself

A BIG tune to start off your workout! We’re huge fans of Eminem, but, Lose Yourself is definitely one of our favourite go-tos when warming ourselves up for a gruelling session. Just the first few seconds inject motivation.



Don’t Stop me Now – Queen

An oldie but a goldie – there aren’t many bigger icons that Queen, for belting out those vocals. While you’re feeling strong and happy – stick this one on loud and you’ll be bouncing towards your next set.

Eye of the tiger – Survivor

Let’s face it – if it’s good enough for Rocky to kick some ass, it’s good enough for you, too! American rock band Survivor’s most famous pump up song still packs a powerful punch that can help you power through the peak of your workout.

Power – Kanye West

Ok, he may be a bit crazy and let’s just say – we aren’t the greatest fans of his clothing line. But, Kanye’s Power song is a must for pushing yourself to new limits. Not only will this tune get the blood pumping, it will help make you feel like a warrior and push further! Let’s go!

Big for Your Boots – Stormzy

One of the biggest artists in the UK right now – and with good reason. Stormzy’s tunes are full of hype and this particular one will definitely help bring that hype to your workout. Hood up, get a grip of that bar and smash through your set!

Snow – Red hot chilli peppers

A gym favourite for when our workout is coming to an end. The tempo of this Red Hot Chilli Peppers classic is great for winding down and bringing your workout down a notch.