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April 2019

5 Tips to kickstart the Summer body plan

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Can you believe we are already in April?! 2019 is absolutely flying by!

As beautiful as this month can be – weather wise – it’s also a crucial month when it comes to getting Summer-ready. April gives us a lifeline. It tells us that Summer is close, but it also gives us enough time to get back on the right path and start making them Summer improvements.

So, if you’re ready to get fit for Summer, take a look at our 5 tips. These are perfect for getting you back in the mix!




Set a (realistic) goal and stick to it.

Goals are great for getting you on the right path. They help to give you something to work towards, rather than just doing things casually. When setting your goal(s), be sure to keep them realistic. We’d recommend also setting small bite-sized goals. This way you can reach milestones more regularly, which will keep you motivated and make it easier to reach the ultimate goal!


Get inspiration from Instagram.

Social media has become a big part of our lives and it can be used for some great motivation, especially when it comes to getting fit.

Instagram is flooded with fitness profiles, to help give you tips, tricks and inspiration. Take a look at our recent article on Top Instagram Fitness Accounts to Follow.


Team up with a friend.

Working out is more fun with a partner. It makes the workout more like a social event and will also help to push you beyond your limits.

If you can’t find anyone to join you, then don’t worry, our classes are full of new friends and workout buddies! Feel free to come along and meet some new faces.


Get some apps!

Another great thing to come out of the last 5 years are the amazing fitness apps available. We can now track everything from our workouts to how many calories we are eating!

We recommend trying Nike Run and MyFitnessPal – two great apps. Nike Run is great for keeping track of your cardio run/walks and has some big athletes to help motivate you through your headphones.

MyFitnessPal is hugely popular for counting calories and ensuring you’re eating correctly. Super easy to use!


Reward yourself!

Remember when we mentioned the bite-sized goals? Well, each time you hit one of them goals, treat yourself. Whether it’s buying those summer clothes you’ve had your eye on, or just simply rewarding yourself with that chocolate bar you just love (our favourite – KitKat Chunky!) – give yourself something you want. It will help to keep you motivated on reaching the next goal and, let’s face it, you deserve it!


Ready to get started?

Book in for a class with our expert trainers today and start your Summer body this week!