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The best tips for staying motivated to workout

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Losing motivation in the gym sucks. But, don’t think it’s just you. We guarantee that everybody you see in the gym and every fitness influencer you see on Instagram have dipped in motivation at some point. In fact, many of them would have experienced a lack of motivation a number of times. 

But, how does that Rocky quote go? “It’s not how hard you hit, it’s how hard you can get hit and keep going.” 

It’s very true. Life is going to hit you hard sometimes, but we can come back – and we can come back strong! 

With this being said, we are going to give you our sure-fire tips on how to stay motivated or even how to bring back motivation. So, whether you’re struggling right now, or you can feel yourself struggling, take these tips on board and you will stay ahead. 


Challenge yourself

Working out without a real goal is one of the most common ways people lose motivation. It can feel like you’re doing it all for nothing really. Or, it can all feel too casual. 

When this happens, we start losing that motivation. We often skip gym sessions and before you know it, it’s been over 2 weeks since you worked out! 

Setting yourself a challenge helps to inject motivation and keep you on track. You will work harder as you get closer to your challenge and – if you’re like us – you won’t want to lose. 

Knowing you’re doing it for a reason will make you work harder than ever. 


Keep track

If you’ve been working out for a while, many of you will feel that this tip is for newbies, but it’s not, many advanced fitness enthusiasts find themselves losing track of their results and progress. Then, before you know it they’re falling into the first thing we talked about – just working out with no clear goal. 

Tracking your progress and seeing it in black and white is a huge motivational booster and will help you to keep pushing harder.


Find a workout buddy

Many of you prefer training alone, but if you’ve been doing it for a while, then maybe it might be time to try working out with a friend? The best thing to do is choose somebody who has similar goals to you. This way you can both do similar workouts together and urge each other on. 

Also, having a workout buddy makes it all the more difficult to skip sessions. No longer will your workouts feel casual. 


Change your routine

Another common issue is when your workouts feel like groundhog day. When this happens, its very easy to lose motivation and slack from the gym altogether. 

In this case, we suggest speaking with a professional on how to change up your workout plan to maximise your results. It will help to revive your motivation and also shock your muscles into something new. 

If you feel like your workout needs a shake-up, just message our team and we can help!

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7 High-Protein Foods You Need in Your Diet

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If you aren’t aware already, protein is the base for building muscle. In fact, it’s the base for many things; boosting fat loss, getting good skin and hair – even for keeping your organs healthy!

So, for this reason – or reasons – protein is a must in your diet plan. It’s a must for each meal actually.

If we are talking science, then the recommended daily intake of protein is roughly 50-60 grams, but, studies suggest that we should take in much more – a study that we agree with. But, eating fish and chicken all day every day, with each meal, can become quite mundane.

So, we’ve got together our favourite 7 foods, which are absolutely stuffed with protein.

Add these to your diet plan and you will be good to go!


Greek Yogurt

Protein: 23g per 8-oz. serving

Yogurts are all full of protein, but the most popular one is Greek yogurt, as it tops the table of protein packed yogurts.

We are often told about the benefits of yogurt, including calcium to keep our bones strong. So, next time you’re at the grocery store – opt for greek.


Cottage Cheese

Protein: 14 g per 1/2-cup serving

If you find yourself prone to a late night snack, then cottage cheese could become your new friend. It’s super high in Casein, which is a slow-digesting protein, made from diary.

Casein works wonders in feeding your muscles protein slowly throughout your sleep. Perfect if you’re looking to grow them biceps.



Protein: 26g per 100g.

Who doesn’t love Beef, right? From burgers to chilli, beef is a great meat for high protein per 100g serving. The best thing about beef is you have variety, too. So, if you find your diet getting a bit mundane, the many beef varieties can help change things up!


Chicken breast

21g per 100g

Probably the most common source of protein is chicken breast. The reason for this is that it’s a great source of lean protein.

For maximum results on your diet plan, you want to choose chicken breast without the skin. This will give you the most protein and less saturated fat.

Perfect for getting lean and burning fat.



Protein: 25g per 100g.

Tuna is an excellent and widely available source of protein that also has a low calorie count. Tuna is a lean fish with minimal fat. Add tuna to salads, sandwiches, and snacks. Be careful with additional dressings, such as mayonnaise, as these can add additional, unwanted calories.



Protein: 17g per 100g.

Wondering how to get that protein fix for breakfast? One word – oats.

When it comes to growing muscles – carbs are also required and oats provide the best carbs you need – complex carbs. If you’re in need of something quick in the morning, then prepare your oats overnight, so you can grab them on the go!



Protein: 24g per 100g.

A popular choice of protein for vegans and vegetarians, Tempeh comes from Soybeans. It’s like Tofu – but with more protein. The only tough thing here is actually finding it. Tempeh isn’t available in every grocery store just yet. We recommend looking around your bigger chains or vegan food stores for this option.


Need help with your food plan?

Your diet plays a huge part when it comes to getting in the shape you want. But, it’s also one of the most difficult aspects.

If you need help creating a diet plan that will curb cravings and put you on the right track, click here and we will help you.

5 Proven ways to lose water weight before Summer!

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That time of year again – when the summer holiday has somehow crept upon us and we are in desperate need to shift them stubborn pounds! Losing fat in such a short time is tough and you want to do it in a safe way. But, don’t worry – all is not over. You can boost your beachbody by losing water weight.

Water weight can sometimes be mistaken for fat. In fact, when you gain a pound or two in a couple of days, the usual culprit is h2o.

So, how do you get rid of the water in time for the beach? In this article, we will give you 5 proven ways to shift the water weight – easily and in a safe manner.

Let’s get beachbody ready!


Cancel the salt

Adding salt to your dishes may seem harmless, but the sodium substance makes your body hold onto water like you wouldn’t believe. It’s not only adding salt to your dishes, either. You want to avoid any processed foods.

Processed foods are packed in salt, which means the more you eat the more water your body will hold on to.


Drink water.

Sounds weird right? If you’re looking to lose water weight from your body, then why would you drink more? But, if you up your water intake, your body will flush out all the water it’s holding onto and stop holding onto as much as normal.

Yes, you will be heading to the bathroom a lot more to begin with, but, remember it’s a good thing. Your body is flushing out all of the toxins – including excess water.


Choose foods that hydrate

For the upcoming weeks, we want you to add meals with fruit and veggies that are full of water. This way, your body stays hydrated and avoids any bloated-ness. Opt for the likes of strawberries, watermelon, lettuce, cabbage, celery, and asparagus


Up your cardio

Upping your cardio is a given – something I’m sure you’re already aware of. When you build up a sweat, your body is literally getting rid of excess water and toxins. We won’t bore you with this pointer, as you are already aware of cardio benefits.


Choose healthier carbs.

Carbohydrates cling onto water in your body, so, when you reduce your carb intake, it often results in quick water loss. Try not to cut back on carbs too much because it will effect your energy levels, leaving you feeling tired and more likely to fall for your cravings.

Instead of going totally carb free, get your carbs from your fruit and veg. Avoid starchy carbs like potatoes and bread and you will be ok!

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3 Reasons You’re Not Too Old to Start Martial Arts

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There is a stigma around martial arts right now. That it’s a young persons sport or a tough guy sport. The honest truth is that it’s actually a sport for everybody.

If you’re interested in picking up martial arts, but you’re afraid that you might be a little long in the tooth, then don’t worry. You aren’t the first and you won’t be the last. We receive tonnes of enquiries from older adults asking if our Taekwondo classes would be suitable for them.

The first thing we say is, yes. It’s suitable for anybody, who wants to add an exciting new sport to their fitness regime.

But, let’s delve into things a little deeper. In this article, we will give you 3 key reasons why you’re not too old to start martial arts.


Lose the UFC misconception

Over the last 15 years, martial arts has become more popular than ever. One reason is the rise of the UFC brand.

The popularity of UFC is great, we love Conor McGregor as much as the next guy. But, it’s brought along a misconception.

People instantly see martial arts as a gruelling sport that should only be practiced by the crazy ‘no fear’ guys that have one goal in life – to kick ass.

But, in fact, martial arts is a beautiful sport, which will help build your strength, cardio levels and transform your body.

Nobody is expecting you to step into a competitive competition. Our Taekwondo classes are for people of all shapes and sizes – at any age.

So, whatever your goal. Martial Arts can help.


It’s never too late for a new challenge!

As we get older, physical challenges become less frequent. Ask yourself, when was the last time you pushed yourself physically?

Martial arts isn’t an easy fitness workout, that’s for sure. But, it’s a new challenge. A challenge that you can take one step at a time.

With each obstacle you overcome, you will get stronger. You will get fitter and you will look amazing! It will also help bring new qualities into your mindset, which you can use for the second stage of your life.


Self defence is a great life skill to learn – at any age

Being able to defend yourself is an essential life skill, no matter where you are based in the world. We are all old enough and wise enough to know that there is danger out there – I mean, we only have to watch the news to see that.

If we could live in a peaceful world, that would be great. But, we don’t sadly. The world comes with many idiots. Hopefully you never encounter danger, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Martial arts doesn’t just teach you how to defend yourself physically, it also helps transform your mental awareness, too. You will gain the ability to think on your feet and react calmly when faced with such situations.


Ready to give it a shot?

We can sit here all day telling you the benefits of martial arts, but, you won’t truly notice how fun and rewarding it is until you start.

So, take a leap and join on our Taekwondo classes today! We will help you every step of the way.