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Women Lifting Weights – Myths Debunked

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Women and weightlifting have an interesting relationship. The majority of women think that weightlifting is something that is better for the more masculine folk among us, but the reality is that weight lifting has a wide variety of benefits.

While some people are prone to thinking that weightlifting is only something that should be done by people who are looking to gain massive muscles, the truth is that weightlifting is an amazing form of exercise that can match any health goal. This is why we have brought together this list of common myths to help you understand what weightlifting can do for you.


Weightlifting Makes You Bulk Up

Many people believe that weightlifting is only useful in the event that you want to bulk up, but the reality is that weightlifting will not make you bulk up. Some people use weightlifting as a primary way to bulk up, but that has to be done in conjunction with a specific type of diet. In the event that you plan on only using weightlifting rather than focusing on also increasing your dietary intake, you will not bulk up using this method.

The truth is that you will assist with weight loss and toning your muscles, but under no circumstances are you going to become a body builder without a variety of other steps. This is honestly just a great way to improve your overall health.


Weightlifting Is Hard

A lot of people operate under the ides that weightlifting is a kind of workout that requires more than so many have to give, but this actually isn’t true. The fact of the matter is that weightlifting is an amazing exercise plan for people of all skills and fitness levels. Weightlifting gives you a great amount of control when it comes to figuring out your routine.

Since you can easily decide when you need more or less weight for a workout, you can easily use this form of working out to manage your exact fitness level. This is great for people who want an exercise plan that they can grow into.


Women Aren’t Built For Weightlifting

There is a fairly common rumour that women don’t have the right build to lift weight successfully. This could not be any further from the truth. In reality, weightlifting is a great form of exercise for women to experience and practice. It is easy for women to not only get into this form of exercise, but excel at it. This is a great way to get that dream body that you have been looking for!



When it comes to finding a good approach to exercise, everyone has their own preferences. We all have things that work better for us or feel more appropriate for our interests. While some people might think that weightlifting is not the most effective way for a woman to work out, the reality is that there are a variety of health benefits that can come from this process.

If you have been wondering if weightlifting is right for you, we would highly encourage you to try. You never know what might work out for you. Weightlifting can do plenty for improving your physical health, so give it a try and see how it works for you.

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How Cold Showers Can Improve Your Health Span

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When most of us think of a refreshing shower, the majority of people imagine luxuriating in a nice warm waterfall as they recreate their own personalised spa experience. A hot shower can be great for helping you to relax and refresh yourself for an upcoming day or even for settling into bed at night. However, one thing that very few people tend to consider is taking a cold shower.

Most people believe that cold showers are something of nightmares, but the reality is that taking a cold shower can actually do your body a lot of good. Cold showers are great for boosting several processes in your body, and many people find that they have lasting benefits that carry into the day.

There are a few key basic reasons that taking a shower is good for you. The first thing is that it is really helpful for waking up and getting your mind working properly. A cold shower will make your body come to life, quickly activating everything that gets you moving in a day.


Boost Your Energy

This is an excellent way to boost your energy levels in the morning, and is actually linked to more peaceful sleep at night. In addition to this, a cold shower can help you to improve the quality of your hair and skin. Hot showers are actually damaging and drying for our hair and skin, but a cold shower will help minimise your pores and seal the ends of your hair so that it can retain more moisture. This is a great way to help naturally improve the characteristics of these features without using any expensive products.

The real benefits of taking a cold shower are built around your health. Cold showers actually manage to do a lot of work for your immune system, making it easier for your body to handle any invaders. Taking a cold shower even a couple of times a week has been linked to immune boosts in many cases, so a cold shower a day might just keep the cold away.


Improve Mental Health

It also helps with a variety of other health processes that regulate your body as a whole. One huge selling point when it comes to taking cold showers is that it can drastically improve your mental health. In some studies, taking a cold shower has been comfortably linked to a reduction in depression and anxiety. The boosts it gives your body can have incredibly positive effects.

You might be thinking that a cold shower is just going to be terrible, but you’ll be happy to know that people report how easy it is to get into this habit after the first few times. In fact, people who continuously do this find their showers to be refreshing and pleasant, even before they start to experience all of the exciting health benefits.

If you don’t want to take a cold shower every day, that is completely fine. Even adding a couple of cold showers to your week can do wonders for your body. Be brave and give it a try. You might find that you like it.

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When To Take Protein Shakes During Your Day

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Protein shakes are an absolutely invaluable tool when you are trying to get in shape. These amazing drinks are a great way to help you to build mass so that you can enjoy that dream body that you are aiming for. While it might be difficult for you to eat four chicken breasts in a sitting, protein shakes make it easy for you to get your sustenance in an easy to digest format with a great taste.

A good protein shake can help you to bulk up quickly as you really raise your workout routine. Using these drinks effectively is a matter of understanding what your body needs. Fortunately, we’re here to teach you how to use them.


Firstly, how much?

The first thing that you will need to do when it comes to effectively using protein shakes is to first decide how much you are going to use. This depends on how much you want to gain as you begin working out. There are plenty of ways to make these determinations, but a lot of the time the protein shakes themselves will tell you how to pick the right amount. After you have determined how many of these shakes in a day you will be drinking, you will be able to plan your schedule for drinking them. There are a couple of different ways to go about this.

In the event that you are well and truly trying to bulk up, you might be drinking multiple protein shakes every single day. If this is the case, the best way to use them is in the same capacity that you would a snack. Instead of subbing in beef jerky or something like that, you will spend your time drinking protein shakes intermittently between meals. Finding the best approach here will depend on how you react to the protein shakes. Sometimes people might get energised or feel more tired after drinking a protein shake, so factor this in to determine what time of day works best. They are best used between meals.


Around Workouts

Since you will likely be using these in a workout capacity, it is important to always schedule a protein shake around your workout in order to get the much-needed boost. Some people drink a protein shake before they go to the gym in the morning, and that is one great option. However, most studies show that there is even more benefit to drinking a protein shake after you workout so your body can begin building up your muscles with the provided nutrients.


Find the right shake

Finding a good protein shake is really a matter of personal preference more than anything. Many people find that protein shakes help them stack on muscle, so that they can pursue the body type that they are chasing. In some cases, protein shakes can come with additional vitamins or energy boosting benefits as well. Find one that works well for you and then take your time experimenting to find a good schedule.

Just make sure that you give your body at least one around your workout, and you’ll be thrilled with the results.