That time of year again – when the summer holiday has somehow crept upon us and we are in desperate need to shift them stubborn pounds! Losing fat in such a short time is tough and you want to do it in a safe way. But, don’t worry – all is not over. You can boost your beachbody by losing water weight.

Water weight can sometimes be mistaken for fat. In fact, when you gain a pound or two in a couple of days, the usual culprit is h2o.

So, how do you get rid of the water in time for the beach? In this article, we will give you 5 proven ways to shift the water weight – easily and in a safe manner.

Let’s get beachbody ready!


Cancel the salt

Adding salt to your dishes may seem harmless, but the sodium substance makes your body hold onto water like you wouldn’t believe. It’s not only adding salt to your dishes, either. You want to avoid any processed foods.

Processed foods are packed in salt, which means the more you eat the more water your body will hold on to.


Drink water.

Sounds weird right? If you’re looking to lose water weight from your body, then why would you drink more? But, if you up your water intake, your body will flush out all the water it’s holding onto and stop holding onto as much as normal.

Yes, you will be heading to the bathroom a lot more to begin with, but, remember it’s a good thing. Your body is flushing out all of the toxins – including excess water.


Choose foods that hydrate

For the upcoming weeks, we want you to add meals with fruit and veggies that are full of water. This way, your body stays hydrated and avoids any bloated-ness. Opt for the likes of strawberries, watermelon, lettuce, cabbage, celery, and asparagus


Up your cardio

Upping your cardio is a given – something I’m sure you’re already aware of. When you build up a sweat, your body is literally getting rid of excess water and toxins. We won’t bore you with this pointer, as you are already aware of cardio benefits.


Choose healthier carbs.

Carbohydrates cling onto water in your body, so, when you reduce your carb intake, it often results in quick water loss. Try not to cut back on carbs too much because it will effect your energy levels, leaving you feeling tired and more likely to fall for your cravings.

Instead of going totally carb free, get your carbs from your fruit and veg. Avoid starchy carbs like potatoes and bread and you will be ok!

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