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5 Sweet Foods to help Curb Cravings

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A common problem that people run into when it comes to losing or maintaining their weight is the constant battle with sugar. Most everyone has some sort of sugary treat that they enjoy, and a lot of us have more than one. Staying away from sugar is hard, but managing sugar cravings when you commit to eating healthier is that much harder. Fortunately, there are some healthy snacks around that can help you to manage those pesky sugar cravings and keep your weight in line at the same time. That is why we brought together a quick list of options to help you out!



This is one snack that is particularly amazing in the summer. Watermelon, in addition to being completely delicious, is actually known for bringing about a ton of health benefits. Not only can this delicious treat help you to manage your sugar cravings, but it is also high in Vitamin C and can lower inflammation throughout the body.



Plenty of people enjoy berries from time to time, and these are one groups of fruits that can help you to easily manage your sugar cravings. Berries are naturally sweet and sometimes a little more tart, making them the closest thing to natural made candy around. They are high in antioxidants and have a ton of overall health benefits.



Most people know that carrots are good for your eyes, but did you know that they can also help to manage sugar cravings? This delicious vegetable might not be sweet, but it can help your body to grapple with those brutal sugar cravings. Carrots are a great addition to just about any meal, and they do your body a lot of good when it comes to overall nutrients. Don’t miss out on all that this amazing vegetable can do for you!


Sweet Potato

Since sweet is in the name, it seems pretty clear how this delicious vegetable option can help with sugar cravings. Sweet potatoes have a naturally sweet flavour that has helped them to grow in popularity over recent years. Whether you are looking to get some quality vitamins or just want something sweet that isn’t bad for you, sweet potatoes have you covered.



Many people consider cinnamon to be its own class of flavour because it is so unique, but this delicious seasoning can actually do a lot when it comes to managing cravings. Not only does it provide you with a great taste, but it also makes it easy for you to say goodbye to your need for sugar while providing other key health benefits.


Sugar cravings can be incredibly difficult to work through, and sometimes they even put you in a bad mood. By subbing in one of these delicious alternatives, you can enjoy a tasty food option and manage your sugar cravings at the same time. You don’t need to eat sugar and ruin your diet because of a craving. Let these healthy alternatives help you out!

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How to stay motivated over Christmas

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Yes, December is here (already!) and that means one thing – Christmas! At MYGYM Bristol, we love the festive season, but we also see a dip in motivation.

We totally understand – the weather is getting colder, the naughty treats are more on the shop shelves and – let’s face it, the drinks are flowing! But, with this indulging comes a price – a price we are faced with at every new year…getting back in shape.

So, how can you stay motivated to work out over the christmas season? Here are 4 tips we know will help…


Get A Workout Partner

When you work out with a friend, it’s much more enjoyable. But, it also plays a key role in keeping you motivated and not skipping them important gym sessions. By having a gym partner, you want to stick with your routine more, because you don’t want to let your partner down.

Finding that right friend to work out with can be tough. If you don’t feel like you have anybody willing to sweat over Xmas, then simply attend our group sessions and you will find new friends there! This way you get the motivation and you meet new friends along the way!


Change Up Your Spotify Playlist

Whether it’s Spotify, Apple Music, or just a simple MP3 you use to power your workouts, music is important. It sounds crazy, but changing your playlist can help boost motivation tenfold.

After listening to the same playlist for 4 times a week, it can lose its effect. That special tune, which would motivate you to push through that final set, may not work anymore.

Spend an evening mixing it up with new songs and it will help make your sessions feel fresh. Do some research on Google for motivation music too. You might find a new banger!


Book a PT session

Personal Training sessions have many beneficial qualities and one of them is helping you keep on track. Think of this like the “Workout Buddy” tip – but on a whole new level!

If you thought letting a friend down, by bailing on your gym session, was painful – then just think how you’d feel bailing on your PT.

It adds motivation and it also helps you change up your workout path. No doubt your goals have changed since you began working out. A personal trainer will be able to help get you on the new path. It will work wonders to keeping you in great shape when the New Year comes around!


Book a Holiday

It’s arguably the biggest motivator – booking a holiday. As soon as the booking is confirmed, we all want to get in holiday shape. So, if you’re looking for a way to stay motivated over Christmas, then booking an early holiday for the beginning of the new year will definitely do it.

It doesn’t have to be anything major, just something that will help you stick with your goal. Plus, you get rewarded at the end. Even if you can’t afford to go now, do the research and plan something for later. Just something so you have a target.