So, there it is – the P shaped wall standing tall in front of you. It sucks. 

The workouts have become the boring “same old” and you just aren’t seeing results like you once were. Is it game over?! HELL NO – you’ve just hit plateau. 

Don’t worry, it happens to all of us at some point. It’s not about it hitting you, it’s how you deal with it that matters. 

We’ve got a number of hacks on how to smash through that wall! Ready? Let’s go! 


What is plateau anyway?

It’s probably one of the most hated terms in the fitness world. The reason is because it basically means your gains have come to a sudden holt. 

What makes it worse is that there isn’t just one reason for it, there are many possible reasons. Maybe you’ve overtrained, you’ve been eating badly, or maybe your workout has just become all too predictable.  

So, how do you pass it? No, in fact – how do you smash plateau to bits? 


Take that needed break! 

Probably thinking you read that wrong, right? A fitness business telling you to rest?! Well, rest is the way you grow. 

Honestly, it’s not a workout that makes you grow – curling dumbbells actually rips the muscle. It’s when you rest and recover – that’s when your muscles grow. You simply won’t tone up or grow muscle without resting. 

This is the same with all aspects of fitness. If you’re a keen runner, give your body a rest. If you’ve been on a hard diet for 8 weeks, go grab a pizza. A cheat meal is needed to shock your body.

This break and food shock helps to stop your body from getting stuck in the same routine. 


Look at your lifestyle

Working out 5 times a week is awesome, but if you team that with a weekend on nights out – with gallons of beer – then it’s just not going to work.  

Firstly, alcohol is considered an ergogenic substance. This means it impairs results and performance. Something a plateau will thrive on!

Hey, we aren’t boring, enjoy a night out like everybody. You only live once! But, try to tame it down a little. One night out a month won’t hurt you. 2 nights out a week will. 

All in proportion! 


Add a new workout routine

One of the most common reasons plateau occurs is that you’ve been doing the same routine every week for too long. A great method to beat plateau is by mixing things up! 

Finding a workout routine to match your goals can be tough, so, we recommend trying out challenge workout! It’s made especially for people looking to get results – life long results! 

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Lastly, keep tabs on yourself

Monitoring your body and fitness progress is essential for gaining maximum results. It not only shows you what areas you need to work on, but it also helps to keep you motivated. Seeing how far you’ve come in 3 months can be one of the best boosts to workout moral that you can get! 

Look – plateau happens to all of us. Follow these short simple tricks and you’ll smash through it and be back to seeing gains in no time!

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