It seems to be everywhere we look – from Conor McGregor everywhere we look, to computer games and movies. It’s safe to say that martial arts is now more popular than ever!

Though there are many different styles around the world, one that’s remained a big favourite is the art of Taekwondo. Formed in Korea, during the early 50s, Taekwondo is arguably one of the most stylish forms of martial arts – with cool-looking kicks and smooth transitions. But, the beauty of Taekwondo is that everybody can enjoy the martial art – including children!

At MYGYM Bristol, we’ve been teaching Taekwondo to countless amount of people from all shapes and sizes – and that includes youngsters, too.

So, what are the benefits of Taekwondo for children? Let us tell you…


Physical Activity

It’s sad to say, but childhood obesity is a growing problem in the UK. Just like with obese adults, obese children often struggle with the desire to exercise and sometimes just don’t know how. Enrolling in the MYGYM Taekwondo classes will help to give your child a structured activity every week, helping them to stay fit and healthy, as well as giving them an enjoyable activity every week.


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Boost Self-Esteem

Feeling amazing about yourself is one of the greatest joys in life, right? Well, boosting self-esteem in children is vital for them to develop into their best life. When your child reaches new goals, you will see their confidence grow. They will be more happy in life – something we all want to see in our kids.

We’ve seen many children come to our classes, who simply have low self-esteem or none at all. Within weeks, both our instructors and the parents have noticed huge differences. They become more confident and you can actually see it on their face – they’re happy! It’s a great thing to see.


They will become more social

Another common struggle in children is with socialisation. This can come in many forms, whether your child is shy, has trouble keeping hands to himself, or just finds it hard communicating in general. Everyone benefits from being involved in a martial arts class, both young and old.

During our Taekwondo classes, we also run partner drills and light sparring, which helps children communicate and also observe. Before you know it your child will be able to stand in front of a group of people and communicate their message clearly.



Obeying what is right – that’s the definition of self-discipline. Something we think we can all agree on is that it’s just know how it used to be. The culture of youngsters, today, allows them to receive instant gratification – from simply watching a certain movie on Sky/Virgin, to playing their favourite music. It can be done pretty much instantly.

Students at MYGYM’s Taekwondo learn to discipline themselves toward achieving each new belt rank.  Belt ranks are not given, they are earned through hard work and self-discipline.


It’s so fun!

And finally, the best benefit of the MYGYM Taekwondo training is that we simply have fun!

Our students love coming to class and being with their peers because they are always participating. Each child moves at his or her own pace. Plus, we also feature in competitions and events that children can aim towards.

When you are thinking about giving your child a new activity, we would definitely recommend Taekwondo. Feel free to try a taster session with us – click here to get started.

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