“So happy with my final results”

So happy with my final results of this 6 week challenge!! I feel stronger, more confident, more capable of making better food choices, more aware of the food choices I make and more educated on how food fuels our bodies. I faced a fear of the gym and pushed through mental barriers that had made me self conscious and unkind to myself. All challengers have been so supportive and zero judgement was felt ~ so thanks you all rock.

All trainers were also very supportive and rocked it ~ cheers guys! I’m off to Vietnam for a couple of weeks but I think you will be seeing me in the gym again in the future! To all challengers with time left ~ believe in your strength and ability, you can do anything you put your mind to. Big up my gym!!!

- Chloe

“I can feel my improvements!”

A couple of months ago with all the nerves in the world, I signed up to the IMSTRONG 6 week challenge - in a nutshell, this requires healthy eating habits with an inordinate amount of willpower (which was undeniably encouraged by the challenge community created). I've never much enjoyed - gym - treadmill - rowing machine type workouts, the classes have been SO good and it wasn't long before I could feel my fitness improve tenfold!

- Floss


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"I'm so proud!"

Sooo not the most flattering pictures but I am so proud! Amazing to see how your body can change in just 4 weeks!! I weighed in a few days early so like to think that 0.1{19f7ae2a7898dc1727a1586266ecc235356e654ba7d2343ae272044913b60c73} body fat would have come off but still happy with 3.9{19f7ae2a7898dc1727a1586266ecc235356e654ba7d2343ae272044913b60c73} I lost! Cannot wait to keep this up and see what results I can achieve in the next three months! Thank you coaches your all brilliant and everyone such an amazing IMSTRONG crew!

- Jasmine

"It’s been an incredible experience!"

Challenge completed! also somehow managed to complete the extra unofficial challenge of 25 lbs Ibrahim Mohammed gave me last week. When I told my friends I had signed up for such a challenge they thought I was crazy! But I backed my self to do it and I feel great now.

It’s been an incredible experience. From the amazing support and motivation received from Ibrahim and the killer workouts given by the team, to the wonderful people I met during this challenge. Big thank you to all of you. We are the tough now and we need to get going!! I have done workouts with trainers all around the world but they’ve never been as intense or effective as H’s mad drills. The first Fireman crawl I did 6 weeks ago literally killed me. I am definitely going to carry on and hope that most of you will as well.

- Miqy

"It's been a blast"

I have just completed my 6 week challenge at IMSTRONG and had an absolute blast. The team at my gym are so friendly and helpful in ensuring that you stick to your goal. The challenge was great if you stick to the plan and follow the guidelines then you will be feeling better in no time.

I will definitely be taking on the lessons that I have learnt and continual use them in my day to day life going forward. I’d you want to loose some weight meet some new best friends to you have found the right place

- Adam


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