Getting in shape in the modern age is a completely different animal. For most people, it is a matter of finding a program that works for them, but things look a little different now that we have so many amazing opportunities being presented by technology.

Fitness apps are becoming one of the top performing types of apps on mobile devices, and they can offer some truly amazing assistance when it comes to getting in shape. Depending on what kind of workouts you want to do, there is probably an app for you, and some of the really amazing ones are completely free!


free fitness app 2020

Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club (NTC) app is so full of amazing workout opportunities that you won’t even believe all that it has to offer. This completely free app grants you access to a variety of amazing workout videos led by talented trainers. You can either choose styles of workout or even select something by the part of your body that you want to work out. It is filled with amazing content.


All Trails

All Trails isn’t generally marketed as a traditional fitness app purely because it has so much more to offer, but it definitely counts as one. This amazing app makes it easy for you to not only find trails to hike, run, or bike, but you can also track your progress on them. When you pair this with the All Trails community, you will find that this is the perfect fitness app for lovers of nature.


free fitness apps 2020

Zombies, Run!

This app has been around for over ten years and to say it has improved with time would be an understatement. This is a running app that turns your exercise experience into a fun zombie-filled adventure. You can set your goals and get taken on a thrilling audio-drama experience while collecting resources and materials to support your very own base.


Apple Activity

For those with an Apple Watch, the activity app is an absolutely amazing experience. You can easily compete with yourself and friends to win rewards and come out on top in various challenges. The Apple Watch makes it easy for you to set and achieve reasonable goals without any of the hassle that some of the more manual apps offer.



When it comes to finding a good fitness app, you need to look for something that suits your needs. Depending on what statistics you want measured and what kind of exercises you plan on doing, you will find that some apps might be better for you than others. Feel free to experiment with various apps until you find one that is right for you. There are some truly amazing tools on the market!

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