It’s probably the most common goal when it comes to building muscle in the gym – getting bigger arms. Everybody wants the bulging biceps – how does the saying go… suns out guns out? Well, with our tips you can get bigger arms and it will be the gun show everyday – whether the suns out or not!  

Ready? Let’s go! 


Things to avoid:


Don’t Over Train Your Arms. 

When people want bigger arms they can often fall into the trap of overtraining them. Your arms are muscles, which you work during the majority of all your upper body workouts. Therefore, you can’t train your arms more than 2 times a week. Muscles don’t grow during the actual workout, they grow when they rest and repair. 


Neglecting Other Muscles. 

When you focus on a certain group of muscles, the other muscles don’t grow at the same pace. We’ve all witnessed that guy in the gym, whose body isn’t in proportion – big arms, huge back – tiny legs and waist. It looks silly – so silly, in fact that many memes are made of this. 

To avoid this, stick with working your full body throughout the week. Grow all your muscles at the same pace and you will look better, quicker.


Not Eating Enough Food. 

When you want to grow your muscles, you need to eat more. The fuel to growing comes from your diet. You must gain weight to get bigger arms. 


Things to do: 


Up your calories

Following on from the last section, you will need to eat more calories than you burn, during the day, to get bigger arms. 

The recommended calorie intake for most guys is 2500kcal/day. You want to up this. Not by much – just an extra 300-500 calories. If you’re quite skinny and have a fast metabolism, you may need to up them even more.  


Get Stronger. 

Size comes with strength. As you progress, you want to up your weights. This isn’t just with your curls either, we are talking throughout all of your workouts – squats, deadlifts. Up them all as your weeks go on. Just make sure you’re using good form throughout. 


Track Progress. 

A great way to keep yourself motivated and keep your arms growing is with tracking your progress. Try to measure your arms and your overall weight every 2-4 weeks. Don’t get too obsessive, though. Your body tends to change everyday. 

If – after 4 weeks – you don’t see your arms getting stronger or bigger, then maybe you need to change up the workout or the diet plan.

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