They say music is one of the best remedies for certain moods. Well, it can also turn you into a savage beast with the right selection. But what are the best songs for deadlifts? Everybody has their own taste – granted – but, here are 10 songs for deadlifts that we believe will want you to lift heavier, go faster, and crank your training to the next level.

Get your Spotify ready…

Eminem – Lose yourself

A BIG tune to start off your workout! We’re huge fans of Eminem, but, Lose Yourself is definitely one of our favourite go-tos when warming ourselves up for a gruelling session. Just the first few seconds inject motivation.



Don’t Stop me Now – Queen

An oldie but a goldie – there aren’t many bigger icons that Queen, for belting out those vocals. While you’re feeling strong and happy – stick this one on loud and you’ll be bouncing towards your next set.

Eye of the tiger – Survivor

Let’s face it – if it’s good enough for Rocky to kick some ass, it’s good enough for you, too! American rock band Survivor’s most famous pump up song still packs a powerful punch that can help you power through the peak of your workout.

Power – Kanye West

Ok, he may be a bit crazy and let’s just say – we aren’t the greatest fans of his clothing line. But, Kanye’s Power song is a must for pushing yourself to new limits. Not only will this tune get the blood pumping, it will help make you feel like a warrior and push further! Let’s go!

Big for Your Boots – Stormzy

One of the biggest artists in the UK right now – and with good reason. Stormzy’s tunes are full of hype and this particular one will definitely help bring that hype to your workout. Hood up, get a grip of that bar and smash through your set!

Snow – Red hot chilli peppers

A gym favourite for when our workout is coming to an end. The tempo of this Red Hot Chilli Peppers classic is great for winding down and bringing your workout down a notch.

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