It’s infamous for being the most dreaded day of the gym – so much so that the social media world is rife with leg day memes.

The thing is, if you’re not a seasoned fitness enthusiast, then it’s most likely you’ve found yourself skipping leg day once or twice. First of all – don’t beat yourself up about it. But, there are many unknown factors as to why leg day is super essential for reaching your fitness goals. 

Don’t skip this article. In 5 minutes, you’ll realise leg day is just as essential as chest day! 


What happens when you skip leg day?


Your body will look unbalanced. 

Spending all your time building your chest and arms, while ignoring your lower body is running many risks. The most obvious being the unbalanced look. 

Spotting somebody, who hammers their chest and arms every week, but skips leg day is quite easy. The final product is a huge upper body and then the legs of a young boy. It’s not the greatest look. 

The goal here is to keep your body balanced and looking great from head to toe. 

Don’t become THAT meme. 


It can affect your performance

If you’re a keen sports player, then legs are essential. The reason for this is that the majority of your power and strength come from the lower part of your bed. This is called the ground force.

That simply means that the majority of your movement starts at the ground, moves up through your feet, then through your ankles, torqued through your knees and hips to create the force in your upper body. 

Your legs are the building blocks for performing at your best. The stronger and more powerful your legs are, the better your performance will be.


It counts as 2 of the 3 big lifts

There are 3 big lifts in the gym: bench press, deadlift and squat. 

These lifts all work the major muscle groups, so doing these lifts every week is needed for getting stronger. Not only that, all 3 power lifts help to burn fat, too. 

With this being said, it’s funny how the benches at the gym are always busy, but the squat rack can often be compared to a ghost town. 

Set your priorities right and you’ll see bigger benefits at a quicker rate. 


You increase the risk of injury

Bringing all of the above together can result in something serious – injury. Muscle imbalances, poorly conditioned legs and low mobility can lead to many issues, including back pain and torn muscles. 

The goal here is to keep everything running smoothly. Squats, lunges and deadlifts will help to build muscle around your weak joints, improving your stability and mobility.

But, the main thing here is simple – if you’re serious about transforming your body and fitness, then leg day is super essential. 

No more skipping. You’ll thank us in the long run. 

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